About Us


Our recently established Travel Agency “Fairy Offers or FO Tours” was a challenge for well qualified team with extensive experience over 15 years in Tourism Field.

The Company step into operation on 2010 and start welcoming first guest on August 2011 within less than 3 years of extensive efforts, our professional team was eligible to create an everlasting vacation for our guests, what goes behind their expectations.

The company has been awarded by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism as one of the best Travel Agencies in Egypt on 2012 and 2013

All companies are different, but we like to think we’re a bit different than most. We enjoy unusual levels of freedom when it comes to how we create. It allows us to do business in a free-thinking way.
We make it easy for good calipers to create great programs, but we also do something more. What you get here is high levels of responsibility, a variety of possibilities and the opportunity to improve ideas for everyone else along the way.

Five Principles, Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, Freedom, are guiding our journey to success, we can afford to make them mean more than just words, they’re values that have stood the test of time and a bridge into the future.

Lately, the name of the Travel Agency has changed to be “Best Time To Travel” and Company is extended reaching more than 100 employees with 5 operated branches throughout Egypt

Why Time to Travel?

Our staff members are well trained to anticipate client needs and find efficient, time-friendly ways of communication, using a sophisticated, hi-tech infrastructure and quality of our service is out of exceptions. 
Guest satisfaction is our top priority and our mission is to let them experience an unforgettable pleasant vacation. 
We have been awarded by the Ministry of Tourism for two consecutive years 2012 / 2013 against our remarkable effort in promoting Tourism to Egypt

Our Vision

To be one of the main references for tourism in Egypt and one of the leading Travel Agencies in Africa and the Middle East.

Our Strategic goals

  • To improve our varieties, availability & usability.
  • To depend on a professional staff all the time.
  • To create a new strategic gateway for offering our services.
  • To create variable products to fulfill the clients’ needs.
  • To apply the latest management approaches.
  • To guarantee the highest quality services.
  • To target Reputable